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A selection of Eley product guides are arranged in a grid on a dark background. At the centre of the image is the 2010 Worldwide product guide with an image of a competitive rifle shooter taking aim.


Eley Ltd is one of the top global manufacturers of high-precision ammunition for competitive shooting, with an Olympic-level target market. Following a wholesale rebrand of the product range, which rationalised a previously uneven marketing approach, the company was keen to apply a similar treatment to its marketing collateral – for use at high-level shooting events, trade shows and in sponsorship opportunities.

A close-cropped image from the Eley 2010 product guide. The detail shows a labelled cutaway illustration of a Tenex cartridge and bullet.


The Eley marketing team invited me to review the existing product brochures, with the aim of bringing a fresh approach and close coordination between brochures produced for different international audiences. Building on their growing library of excellent quality photography, the team was keen to build storytelling into their marketing. Working closely with the team, I developed a specification of reportage-style imagery along with case studies of top-level shooters and the state-of-the-art testing processes undertaken during manufacture. The resulting product brochures were optimised for standard A-series and US paper formats and also translation – accommodating content in English, German and Japanese.

Double page spread from Eley 2011 Worldwide brochure showing a world map labelled with top-level shooters from different countries around the world. On the right-hand side there is a list of Eley suppliers grouped by country.
Double page spread from the Eley 2010 Worldwide catalogue. The spread shows a profile image of a competitive rifle shooter taking aim on the left hand side. The right hand side shows boxes of each Eley .22 rifle cartridge product alongside descriptions.
Comparitive images of the same spread from the Japanese and German 2011 Eley product brochures showing how the same layout grid was designed to be used for different content and alphabets
Image of German language Eley product guide showing front cover and internal spread on a dark background
Close-cropped image showing the Japanese-language Eley 2011 product guides. On the cover a Japanese competetive shooter wearing a gold medal holds a pistol and looks to his right against a dark background.

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