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Close up image from cover of Chamberlain Awards 2010 brochure. The image shows the awards logo embossed in silver foil. The centre of the logo shows a drop of water against a background of green and black ripples.


The Chamberlain Awards was Birmingham City Council’s flagship employee recognition scheme, operating from 2005 to 2019 to highlight exceptional work and performance across the organisation’s workforce. Nominations could be submitted by both council colleagues and also members of the public. The awards ceremony was held at the ICC in Birmingham, with the majority of costs funded by external sponsorship.

Animation showing the different designs used for the Chamberlain Awards logo from 2006 to 2014


I worked closely with the Chamberlain Awards team on an annual basis, from the first year to the tenth annual ceremony in 2014. As the awards scheme grew in popularity, size and stature, the scope of my involvement also changed until I was acting as the scheme’s brand developer and art director from 2008 onwards. The team was keen for the awards to have a new theme and refreshed brand year-on-year, which I accommodated by incorporating the original ‘star’ logo in a new iteration for each year’s ceremony until the anniversary of the awards in 2014, when the team opted for an Art Deco theme.

A key feature of each year’s awards was the production of a brochure to tell each finalist’s story, which was also used subsequently as a showcase document to promote the work of the local authority. The brochure also acted as a key platform for sponsor advertising. Branding work covered touchpoints such as stationery, exhibition stands and posters, promotional items and trophies, blogs, social media and in the 10th anniversary year, a full website to take the place of the brochure.

Chamberlain Awards 2008

The Chamberlain Awards 2008 brochure sits at an angle on a neutral grey surface. The cover has a dark blue graduated background with a delicate geometric pattern picked out in light blue and yellow lines radiating from the centre of the cover where the awards logo is embossed in silver foil.
Chamberlain Awards 2008 brochures arranged on a neutral grey background. The central document shows a spread from the 'Achievement Against the Odds' category
Double-page spread from the 'Outstanding Customer Service' category in the Chamberlain Awards 2008 brochure. The category name is on the left hand side of the spread against a light blue background. The left-hand side contains an image and interview with finalist Kevin Hughes

Chamberlain Awards 2009

The Chamberlain Awards 2009 brochure sits on a neutral grey background. The cover image is printed in shades of orange on a heavy uncoated board. The star-shaped logo sits at the centre, embossed in white. The logo is made of of diamond-shaped lozenges held by people in a variety of clothing and gloves.
Four copies of the Chamberlain Awards 2009 invitations sit on a neutral grey background. Each postcard-sized print contains two hands holding a diamond-shaped lozenge on a coloured background. The cards are arranged in a grid so they combine to form the Chamberlain Awards logo.
A selection of double page spreads from the Chamberlain Awards 2009 brochure are arranged in a grid. The left hand side of each spread contains the finalist's name and story, with various reportage-style photographs of the finalist in their workplace arranged in a grid on the right-hand side.

Chamberlain Awards 2010


Chamberlain Awards 2014

The Chamberlain Awards 2014 website displayed on a laptop in a darkened room. The website displays an image of 'Local Hero' award winner Russell Davies, above text explaining the history of the Chamberlain Awards scheme
A Chamberlain Awards 2014 business card, compliment slip and letterhead arranged in a grid on a light grey background
Two Chamberlain Awards 2014 finalist certificates sit on a neutral grey background. The certificates feature gold foil-blocked logos shining against different coloured backgrounds.
A promotional poster for the 2014 Chamberlain Awards is shown on a light-coloured wall. The poster shows an image and quote from previous award winner Lloyd Wedgbury

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